Checksum mismatch while updating eclipse Sex chat not regestir

channel Must Be In Range1_255=channel must be in range [1, 255] character Class Is Not Supported=The character class is not supported.checkout Conflict With File=Checkout conflict with file: checkout Conflict With Files=Checkout conflict with files: checkout Unexpected Result=Checkout returned unexpected result class Cast Not A=Not a clone Non Empty Directory=Destination path "" already exists and is not an empty directory closed=closed collision On=Collision on command Rejected By Hook=Rejected by "" hook.\n command Was Called In The Wrong State=Command was called in the wrong state commit Already Exists=exists commit Message Not Specified=commit message not specified commit On Repo Without HEADCurrently Not Supported=Commit on repo without HEAD currently not supported commit Amend On Initial Not Possible=Amending is not possible on initial commit.compressing Objects=Compressing objects connection Failed=connection failed connection Time Out=Connection time out: context Must Be Non Negative=context must be = 0 corruption Detected Re Reading At=Corruption detected re-reading at corrupt Object Bad Date=bad date corrupt Object Bad Email=bad email corrupt Object Bad Stream=bad stream corrupt Object Bad Stream Corrupt Header=bad stream, corrupt header corrupt Object Bad Timezone=bad time zone corrupt Object Duplicate Entry Names=duplicate entry names corrupt Object Garbage After Size=garbage after size corrupt Object Incorrect Length=incorrect length corrupt Object Incorrect Sorting=incorrectly sorted corrupt Object Invalid Entry Mode=invalid entry mode corrupt Object Invalid Mode=invalid mode corrupt Object Invalid Mode Char=invalid mode character corrupt Object Invalid Mode Starts Zero=mode starts with '0' corrupt Object Invalid Mode2=invalid mode corrupt Object Invalid Mode3=invalid mode for '''' in .

ambiguous Object Abbreviation=Object abbreviation is ambiguous a New Object Id Is Required=A New Object Id is required.

an Exception Occurred While Trying To Add The Id Of HEAD=An exception occurred while trying to add the Id of HEAD an SSHSession Has Been Already Created=An SSH session has been already created applying Commit=Applying archive Format Already Absent=Archive format already absent: archive Format Already Registered=Archive format already registered with different implementation: argument Is Not AValid Comment String=Invalid comment: at Least One Path Is Required=At least one path is required.

at Least One Pattern Is Required=At least one pattern is required.

cannot Mkdir Object Path=Cannot mkdir /: cannot Move Index To=Cannot move index to cannot Move Pack To=Cannot move pack to cannot Open Service=cannot open cannot Parse Date=The date specification "" could not be parsed with the following formats: cannot Parse Git URIish=Cannot parse Git URI-ish cannot Pull On ARepo With State=Cannot pull into a repository with state: cannot Read=Cannot read cannot Read Back Delta=Cannot read delta type cannot Read Blob=Cannot read blob cannot Read Commit=Cannot read commit cannot Read File=Cannot read file cannot Read HEAD=cannot read HEAD: cannot Read Index=The index file exists but cannot be read cannot Read Object=Cannot read object cannot Read Objects Path=Cannot read /: cannot Read Tree=Cannot read tree cannot Rebase Without Current Head=Can not rebase without a current HEAD cannot Resolve Local Tracking Ref For Updating=Cannot resolve local tracking ref for updating.

cannot Squash Fixup Without Previous Commit=Cannot without previous commit.

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